ZiROH is a 3-piece instrumental "stoner/rock/metal/prog/jam" band who hails from the sweltering gut of Phoenix, Arizona. The band features Jason Prichard (Daughters of Fission, Fred Green, Vomitus, Grum, & ClownKnife) pummeling the drums, Justin Beemer (Ars Magna, Heroes for Ghosts, & Arc of the Aurora) weaving between bluesy rhythms and atmospheric leads on guitar, and Tony Richey (Giantkiller, Hellrancho, Orthostatic, Nihil, Grum, & Dominion) laying down mega-distorted riffs on bass... Originally conceived in 2008, the band began as a drums and bass rock project, so when ZiROH had enough songs to record an album, they called upon long time friend, Jeff Kahn of the legendary underground psychedelic/black/doom metal band, Skeleton of God, to journey to Phoenix and record guitar tracks for the self-titled EP. After recording the album, Jason and Tony played a handful of shows as a 2-piece, all the while scoping out a potential guitarist. Eventually they asked Justin Beemer if he'd be interested in jamming a few tunes with them and now ZiROH is a solid 3-piece working on a more evolved new album and gracing stages with their energetic, groovy, and intense brand of stoner metal rock. www.myspace.com/ziroh